The Charity Hub


This work was in response to an invite from ICON Magazine for their monthly RETHINK piece.

Rethink is a popular feature where ICON ask graphic designers to redesign something they think needs updating, has been designed badly or has a problem that needs solving.


Instead of redesigning something already existing we wanted to look at the greater picture and suggest a service we feel is missing today.

The project was featured in ICON September 15 print issue.
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Charitable Giving

Giving has become to complicated. With so many good causes fighting for our attention, donors too could do with a helping hand.

The world is experiencing multiple humanitarian crises. Millions of refugees are fleeing their homes, large areas are being ravaged by war, and desperate people are in need of aid. Yet those of us who have the means to help often feel paralysed, uncertain where to go and what to do. Others may not feel the urge to contribute, because information about global problems is not reaching them effectively.

Meanwhile, innummerable humanitarian organizations frantically fight for our attention. As a potential donor with an interest in a certain cause, you first have to find agencies that are tackling the problem you are interested in, then decide which of them to choose, before you can actually go ahead and donate.

Most people want to help specific causes, specific groups or specific countries. They want to take action so that the misfortunes they witness being suffered can be rectified. Yet we end up being increasingly confused and annoyed by multiple charities all struggling to make an impact with their marketing material.

What we feel is missing is a one stop source to allow people to help people in need – a place where all the causes and organizations are brought together. A place where the various ways you can help are clearly listed. We call it The Charity Hub.

The Charity Hub will be an independent web portal where users can browse and sort worthwhile causes based on their particular values and priorities. The Hub gathers information from the major humanitarian organizations and presents all their projects, and the issues they tackle, in one place. There is no need to figure out which charity to approach – you can take direct action in relation to the particular story that moves you.

You can also give The Charity Hub selected information about your personal life. For example, it could know the places you’ve visited or the nationalities of your friends or family. You could also let it know what kind of issue engages you, from the women’s rights, children’s education, vaccination programmes and so on. Based on this information, the Hub can tailor suggestions for you when it finds causes and charities matching your interests.

The road from a thought to action has to be shorter, more immediate, and related to us as thinking and caring human beings – we think the Charity Hub achieves this.

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