The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association wanted to retain its proud traditions as well as expressing its vision for the future. Its new identity was created as an intersection between history and future, between tradition and modernity.


The members of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association have always scanned the horizon for opportunities. To mark its centenary, the association commisioned us to design a new visual identity in order to give them a coherent look and reflect the vision of their new strategy.


Neue wanted to develop an iconic, clean and elegant profile. Its goal was to convey the Shipowners’ Association’s universe, while being perceived as serious, ambitious and proactive by Norwegian and international authorities. The logo embodies a horizon to illustrate where the value of the association is generated. The new identity was very well received within the association. The members felt right at home with the symbolism, and the identity soon became more than just a look. It has become a way of expression.


“This identity reflects the poetic aspects of life at sea, as well as promoting Norwegian shipping as a modern, technological and international business.”

The Award for Design Excellence