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The Oslo Philharmonic is a symphony orchestra of international renown. It was formed in 1919 and has 108 musicians in its ranks.


The Oslo-Philharmonic is the leading philharmonic orchestra in Norway. With a high number of concerts every year an effective and comprehensive dissemination of the program is required.

Neue Design Studio was commissioned to design a new visual identity for the soon to be 100 year old musical institution.


One of the most important channels of communication for the Oslo-Philharmonic is their website and our task was to seamlessly build upon their new identity in their digital presence.


The new Oslo-Philharmonic logo is a layout system that connects the orchestra with composers, musicians and activities. At the website the users are getting to know this system as both an marker of identity and a dynamic solution to help them navigate throughout the site.


Through a solid and tidy design built around a typeface the website leaves a large scope for intuitiuve and user friendly functionality such as navigating concert calendar and easily access ticket sales.

The Oslo Philharmonic website