Neue has won the contract to design Norway’s new passports. The concept for the chosen tender offer is called “Norwegian Landscapes”.


The Directorate of the Police and The National Criminal Investigation Service (Kripos) put the design of new passports out to tender in February 2014. The objective of the open competition was to develop a unique concept with a widely recognizable theme and a functional design of high quality. The overall purpose was to increase security concerning Norwegian passports, ID cards and travel documents.

The jury’s assessment

“Of the tendered offers for new Norwegian passports and ID cards, “Norwegian Landscapes” is the best concept. It illustrates the Norwegian identity as well as making sure the passport will be viewed as a document of high value. The concept is deeply rooted in Norwegian culture and will make the documents widely accepted among the population. It will remain relevant for many years to come and it has clear user benefits. The design is attractive and stylish, the colours are subtle and the abstracted landscapes are exciting. The proposed solution seems to be designed with great emphasis on the function of passports and ID cards, and is immediately accepted as a document of high value. The concept is the competition’s most subtle and stylish, and stands out from the competing entries. Aesthetically, the landscape motifs have achieved a very distinctive expression. The jury appreciates the simplicity of the solution.”