A nomadic movement

SALT is a unique year-long festival that takes place on the beach of a small island of Sandhornøy in the Arctic Circle, bringing together art, architecture, music and food in the Arctic landscape.


SALT is a festival celebrating an Arctic state of mind through art, music, architecture and food. The festival is inspired by the nomadic culture and will travel across the northernmost part of the world, making a home in Greenland, Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Alaska and Russia. SALT has a duration of one year per destination and aims to remove all traces when moving to a new location. SALT already had a logo designed by Kim Hiorthøy, but needed help to develop an identity and a visual language for their communication.


Salt caters to an international culture savvy audience, and we let this be an important guide when designing their visual expression. SALTs location and length of arrangement are the basis of the concept. A colored surface moves down on all design elements in the same way time passes and the tidal moves — at the end of the year the color is gone and all traces are removed. A simple but effective way to express the idea of SALT. Throughout our work with their identity we have helped SALT to convey their story — both in words and through visual communication.

Photography by Marte Antonsen