Created by
the employees

Tegn_3 is an interdiciplinary architect firm. Using collaborative methods, process orientation and competent project management, Tegn_3 offers comprehensive solutions in architecture, planning and landscaping to professional clients in the Nordic countries.


Tegn_3 had a clear wish to be perceived as attentive, eager and enthusiastic professionals. In a creative environment, they are challenging what is possible, while staying within the boundaries of the project. True collaboration is essential to deliver, impress and inspire through personal relations.


The concept’s key visual is an isometric grid based on how architects work – within technical and financial limits. The grid expresses technical know how, while colours, materials, graphics and typography emphasize creativity. The concept also consisted of and application used by the employees to create design elements for presentations, offers, business cards etc. In time, the concept and the identity will contribute to express the balance between technical and creative competence, helping Tegn_3 to become the firm they aim to be.


“This is an elegant and conceptually strong solution, with clear references to an architect’s work and tools. The system’s premise is that with time, the users will shape and control the identity themselves.”

Visuelt, Silver