Service & control

UDI facilitates lawful and wanted immigration to Norway, while at the same time preventing illegal immigration. UDI must be confident in understanding user needs, while their users needs to understand the message UDI conveys.


Previously UDIs communication neither had adapted statutory accessibility requirements nor was it appropriate according to internal needs. The new identity was required to make all users able to use the services of UDI and had to ensure a good internal workflow.


The identity plays on the contrasts between control and service, between understanding and making themselves understood. This attitude underpin the whole concept and all communication from UDI. Through a few but essential visual guidelines we have secured better understanding, while UDI appears to be straightforward, professional and credible. UDI have become a pioneer directorate making use of universal design principles throughout their entire communication. The identity is imbued by a desire to speak clearly and directly with every users.