Under construction

The exhibition “Arbeid pågår” (Under Construction) aimed to shed light on how the state creates a solid framework for everyday life for most people. It was the largest exhibition held at The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture ever, portraying over 100 Norwegian construction projects.


Arbeid pågår (English: Under Construction) was an architecture exhibition commissioned by the Norwegian government in collaboration with The Norwegian Foundation for Design and Architecture. The intention of the exhibition was to showcase and raise awareness of what could be described as “everyday architecture”, constructions that most people don’t think of as architecture, such as schools, hospitals, roundabouts, fishing ports, bridges, landslide ramparts and much more. It was the largest exhibition ever held at The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, portraying over 100 Norwegian construction projects.


The solution is both visual and content related. The name of the exhibition laid the foundation for a rough expression, inspired by construction sites and the unfinished. Vivid colors, often used to signal possible danger and create attention, was used alongside textured materials to give the project an interesting mix of surfaces. We wanted the exhibition to be less about objectified pictures of architecture and more about people. In collaboration with the curatorial team, we interviewed people who daily interact with the showcased projects to emphasize the profound effect that state funded architecture has on everyday life in Norway.