That’s all?

The book “Var det alt” (“That’s all?”) by Kjetil Gilberg is a collection of 21 short stories. It has also been published as an audio edition on vinyl.


“That’s all?” is Kjetil Gilberg’s debut collection. The stories concern life’s big issues, written in a direct, straighforward style.


The book’s signature was created by simple means. Its design reflects the collection’s personal and direct style. The cover is based on the last story, where an exhibition’s guest book has the comment “That’s all?”. We let this become the book’s signature. To emphasize its “analogue” form, an audio edition was published as a vinyl album.


“The combination of simple and powerful visual devices, bold composition and high production quality make “Var det alt” stand out in a category not usually associated with great design.”

Visuelt, Silver